I've created a mobile application that is using extensively web services. It connects to my hosting that is shared server to come on-time information. Therefore, ensuring the server expires is very important. Otherwise I will lose clients.

Some background. I transformed believe it or not than 3 hosting companies simply because they were not so reliable when it comes to uptime. My currrent hosting is much much better than individuals previous three, have I made use of it now for more than a year, they've 99.9% uptime guarantee and all sorts of, however nowadays I'd about 3 hrs of down time. And that's why I'm creating this publish.

Not every one of us small designers are able to afford costly devoted hosting, or have our very own servers in your own home (which isn't an assurance it won't be lower). During my situation, getting hosting that is shared for any very affordable $10-15/month is alright. Aside from individuals couple of hrs it may be lower.

One idea I suffer from this is actually the following: possess a second (different) hosting that is shared with another provider, making the application to default to presenting this second hosting when my primary host is lower. It is extremely unlikely that both is going to be lower simultaneously. I will only pay a couple of dollars extra monthly with this, not 10 occasions more monthly when i would for any devoted hosting.

I am certain I'm not the very first person in cases like this. Have anybody found a great way to cope with this issue, not needing deep pockets? We're in the end speaking no more than short periods of down time about the primary server.

Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions.

If you're depending on a 3rd party host and don't wish to purchase greater reliability a second server is what you want. Based on the application and budget you must also consider:

  • Database access and synchronization
  • Hosts in various physical locations
  • Multiple domains and/or load balancing

If you decide to use multiple hosts and switch to another (backup) host if a person (the very first) fails then you definitely should goal to also have both (all) always being used. By doing this you will not get trapped trying/needing to switch to a "backup" server. By always using both (all) you can be certain that they're both (all) always current and dealing.

In case your service is really critical that a few hrs down-time could be unacceptable for your customers, then it ought to be easy to find the customers to pay for for your type of reliability. This may fund hosting having a provider who are able to give a greater degree of up time or perhaps a second site. This can also help fund the effort and time to create all of this up. )