How to produce a simple Local SQL database &lifier place values in it using C#? can anyone provide us a sample code or project link.. i researched a little, i'm not getting how you can do.. if you're able to advice it is always good

I'd use SQLite. It is rather simple also it does not need any type of installation, the entire database it's merely a file.

If you're developing a Desktop application, you may create a nearby Sql server Ce (Compact edition) database.

Whenever you install Visual C# 2008 Express, It'll instantly install SQL Compact 3.5 in your box.

Here is a superb Getting began tutorial around the subject:

Sql Server Compact is a superb embedded database. It's also fully recorded on MSDN, see System.Data.SqlServerCe Namespace.

It is simple to create and modify databases programatically, see SqlCeEngine.CreateDatabase Method.

You are able to download it around the SQL Server Compact Download Page.