I am a new comer to hosting, however the requirement is to produce a url like:


The position of the asked for page might be in root/[page].aspx

That indicates a webpage somewhere within the website. What's the easiest way to do this?

appears like the answer is simpler than I figured!

microsoft url re-writing module

and Godaddy get it installed for every account, all what you need to do would be to write your rules inside your web.config!!

illustration of a url spinning rule:

  <rewriteMap name="StaticRewrites" defaultValue="">
    <add key="/diagnostics" value="/default.aspx?tabid=2&amp;subtabid=29" />
    <add key="/webcasts" value="/default.aspx?tabid=2&amp;subtabid=24" />
    <add key="/php" value="/default.aspx?tabid=7116" />

you should use FileZilla or FTP to produce a folder(somename) beneath your root folder. root ought to be your domain root. hope this can help.

You may create subfolder underneath the root folder while using ftp client or even the hosting user interface supplied by your host company and taking advantage of the net.config file within the root dir you are able to redirect the page located on the root folder to sub-folder. Otherwise, you can test it by creating the subdomain.

  1. You have to make your folder title in your Clubpenguin. For those who have problem, please speak to your host company.
  2. Then, you You need to write a script and put it on httpdocs folder. This script is going to be something similar to


Hope it help!