I am not really sure this really is the proper way to do that, however i am searching for top tips. I'm developing on the Mac, but using VMWare to operate this project in Home windows.

I'm using WAMPserver 2.2A. My sites seem like this:

C:\Users\John Doe\Development\project-web\

What I'd like, would be to develop my project in project-web, but possess a symlink in www in order to run it within the browser with apache. This is exactly what I attempted:

mklink project "C:\Users\John Doe\Development\project-web\"

I went into some permissions errors when attempting to approach it by doing this. I seem like this is much better than storing the project in www however i may be wrong.

Any advice could be great!

Apache generally does not follow symlinks automatically, as they possibly can be trivially accustomed to get out of the document root. I'd suggest considering utilizing an Apache Alias rather to produce a virtual Apache folder that maps for your development directory