I've installed the wordpress on my small local. I've some pages that have a left side bar. Just how am i going to produce a new template having a header, footer, left sidebar and primary content area.

Any help please? I'm a new comer to wordpress and wish a simple and step-by-step solution with this?

Thanks ahead of time.

I believe this will do nicely (not perfectly--wordwrap() as used below doesn't necessarily split text evenly--but close). Add the next soon after the beginning of The Loop inside your Page template:

$numchars = strlen($post->post_content);
$content = wordwrap($post->post_content, $numchars/2, "{{break}}");
$content = split("{{break}}", $content);

Then (again inside your template) within each column, you need to replace the_content() template tag with one of these:

First column:

<?php echo apply_filters('the_content', $content[0]); ?>

Second column:

<?php echo apply_filters('the_content', $content[1]); ?>