I am attempting to adapt a legacy database to some grails application and I am unsure how do i get it done on grails. I've got a huge table (with posts colA, colB, ..., colZ) which i simply want to map a number of them as fields (say colA, colC, colE) just like a database view, this domain class will probably be read-only so it wouldn't be considered a problem not to possess the save, update and remove procedures.

How must i create my domain class?


I have to adapt a question to some domain object, this question provides extensive group by expressions (max, min, count, etc.) and I must adapt this question to ensure that each time I call DomainObj.list() Grails would run this question and load all of the data in the database inside the GORM proxy.

If it's read only, just produce a domain object that contains the fields you are looking at. That needs to be not a problem.

Remember however that GORM can create a "version" column as default, but this is often disabled:

static mapping =