I am searching for any information and pointers that may assist me to in the introduction of an online seem card for Home windows.


  • Free projects (both complete solution or library)
  • Commercial libraries (should be redistributable, despite a fee)
  • Complete solution (see below) which parts could be redistributed.

I'll value more any article, book, website that can help a developer to construct their own solution.

This is a complete solution I discovered, but it is not redistributable.

I am unsure of if this sounds like what you are searching for, but JACK may well be a part of the best direction.

Pierre, somewhat related code (under GNU GPL) are available here:


I suppose it just uses far too old API, which means this most likely will not focus on Win7.

For commercial solutions, I'm using Virtual Audio Streaming software:

world wide web.virtualaudiostreaming.internet

I did not investigate in it's distribution aspects, though.

But knowing through the description, this (another) software/developer should certainly support some type of distribution, because they sell source code too:

world wide web.ntonyx.com/vac.htm