I've got a huge listing of domains as abcde.com

What I must do is to see if the domain names possess a page otherwise I recieve the server not found message.

Exactly what is a code which will take a look instantly and return me something if there's a website ? I'm acquainted with PHP.


Something simple could be:

foreach ($domain names as $domain)  else 

For those who have these questions txt file, with every line that contains the domain title you could do this this:

$file_handle = fopen("mydomains.txt", "r")

    while (!feof($file_handle)) 


You are able to connect with each domain/hostname using cURL.


// I am presuming one domain per line

$h = fopen("domain names.txt", "r")

while (($host = preg_replace("/[nr]/", "", fgets($h))) !== false) professional($ch) !== false)  else