This really is most likely really apparent to producing however i am a new comer to this.

How can you setup an active test site that doesn't make use of the primary domain title? Right now the main domain title has been employed for a brief website landing page and that i want that to be before the site goes live. I'm while using filezilla.

The recommendation I used to be given ended up being to publish it to some sub folder or even the htaccess file around the server so it may be set up to limit access (e.g. by account information) but I don't know how to achieve that. Are you able to tell me the steps involved, considering I don't want another domain but to check the website on the live server so others can easily see it although not while using primary domain.

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Really little too it -- just fully stand up another website, possibly utilizing a virtual site on that server or possibly on the different server entirely. Supposing you're using relative pathways like you ought to be this works all right.

Another trick could be to put it together in position but make use of the default document directive to influence individuals to the placeholder page unless of course they understood what your house page's direct url is.

The easiest strategy is , while you stated, to place the brand new site into an subfolder or produce a new subdomain for your site. But when there's no need for your, i'd prefer an easy subfolder within the folder the domain indicates.

It should not be too tricky to produce a subfolder and set the files inside it, simple rightklick in filezilla and title it.

For creating an htaccess password protection you'll need two files. One known as .htacccess and also the other .htpasswd (the purpose while watching title is essential).

.htacces appears like:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Hallo"
AuthUserFile .htpasswd
require valid-user  

.htpasswd consists of in every line one user with encoded pw:


You will find lots of good examples via google. Just type "htaccess htpasswd", and you will see several generator which supports you.

To go in your website, just key in browser: