I must have the ability to setup my clustered JBoss5 instances to create log4j messages to some database. I'm trying to utilize a DBAppender (as opposed to a JDBCAppender, for that reasons succumbed this question).

Has anybody carried this out? By now, I have added an <appender> tag to jboss-log4j.xml and set the logback-classic-.9.17.jar file in each and every jar-filled folder during my JBoss directory, but I am still obtaining a ClassNotFoundException when JBoss attempts to search for it on startup.

ANY tips/good examples you are able to produce may be useful, in both getting me farther within this direction, or pointing me inside a better direction.

Estimating a solution from David Lloyd in this thread around the Jboss forums:

(...) The actual question could be "how do you configure JBoss AS 5.1. to make use of LogBack?". The response to that's, one does not log4j may be the only supported logging after sales in most AS 5.x releases.

Appears pretty obvious: you cannot configure JBoss to make use of logback and, as a result, its DBAppender.

So I am afraid you will need to go the JDBCAppender way (Log4j) if you want to log to some database. However I would think twite relating to this (or at best bench it seriously).

Just just in case, maybe take a look at JBLOGGING-6.