I am establishing a website. It's running wordpress. Because the links structure may change with time (Search engine optimization) I would like web addresses to become distinguishable even when I scramble the entire tree structure. Quite simply I would like something facebook ways to use pages url.

Therefore if I hava an example url http://domainname/what/ever, I would like it to switch to http://domainname/S0M3UN1QU3NUMB3R/what/ever to ensure that basically alter the structure and page url changes to http://domainname/S0M3UN1QU3NUMB3R/foo/bar, wordpress will still have the ability to handle the S0M3UN1QU3NUMB3R area of the uri and redirect http://domainname/S0M3UN1QU3NUMB3R/some/random/page/link towards the http://domainname/S0M3UN1QU3NUMB3R/foo/bar and send HTTP 301 along... All intelligent search engines like google should have the ability to keep your proper thread of changes and have no issues with link unindexing and reindexing.

Can there be any wordpress plugin that causes it to be possible without hacking the code?