I wish to develop a widget for WordPress that concurrently shows my latest Google Readers products around the top of the page and enables for management from behind the WordPress dashboard. I'm able to already add my "shared" products using code I have present in various Google searches, but that is not quite what I am searching for.

I love the functionality from the Google Readers widget in iGoogle, and I wish to replicate that around the WordPress dashboard and make a read-only version for that WordPress front-finish. Where will i begin in the API (public or 'unofficial') to obtain this built?

-- Update --

I have found some limited documentation regarding authentication methods, but I have been not able to implement anything. I'm able to parse a Hyperlink to authenticate and obtain an SSID that actually works when directly put into a browser, but both GET and Publish demands fail via PHP, and so i can't have any beyond that.

-- Update --

I have converted the very first couple of steps of Martin Doms' C# tutorial into PHP for anybody who's interested in this way by themselves site.

Here is a nice 3-step tutorial: http://blog.martindoms.com/2009/08/15/using-the-google-readers-api-part-1/

If you are getting problems from PHP, i quickly think you need to publish the PHP code to determine where it's failing. These steps should work perfectly.

I'm able to then add extra assets, especially those that resemble probably the most an organized documentation with this unofficial API:

Hope it will help!

Following on EAMann his PHP class is here now http://code.google.com/p/greader-library/source/browse/trunk/greader.class.php?r=4. I first got it working last evening. Thanks Eric, I'll be contributing to your library.