I've got a home windows Godaddy account that we use to host a number of small sites. My primary site is incorporated in the root directory from the hosting account, as well as for secondary sites I produced a folder known as "located" within the root directory that we fill with folders filled with content for secondary sites. Then i point the secondary domain names towards the subdirectory using their content.

For whatever reason, while being able to access the secondary site it will be rewritten instantly to some URL that contains the particular physical path from the site's files during my hosting account. For instance:

mysecondary.com's files are situated within the physical path /located/mysecondary during my GoDaddy hosting account.

I navigate to mysecondary.com and then click a hyperlink to mysecondary.com/contact.php

The address bar will get rewritten to mysecondary.com/located/mysecondary.com/contact.asp. As the page turns up fine, I see pointless why the interior directory structure ought to be rewrote such as this.

I attempted this rewrite rule to repair it, however it did not appear to complete anything:

    <rule title="Rewrite bad path show">

     <match url="^located/secondary/([.*])" />

     <action type="Rewrite" url="/" />


Anybody understand how I possibly could fix this having a rewrite rule, or even better a server setting?