I've Apache Solr 6.x-1.-rc3 module set up in my website and delay pills work fine. I needed to understand how would be the Apache Solr search engine results sequenced. I've attempted a couple of things and also have came to the conclusion it's not alphabetical or based on the lately up-to-date node.

How would be the search engine results sequenced? I am talking about with what order or logic.

Essentially, it's obtained in line with the strength from the complement a couple of improving factors added. There is a great breakdown around the formula here: http://www.supermind.org/blog/378/lucene-scoring-for-dummies

Yeah, Solr answers are sorted by relevance score automatically. The fields inside a single result ought to be within the same order by which these were committed (a minimum of within multi-valued fields...ought to be true for those fields, though), which means you should have the ability to preserve some area sorting which you may do within the processing script. Should you just show all results, I believe the outcomes are purchased through the order these were put into the index.

The Solr Wiki page (http://wiki.apache.org/solr/CommonQueryParameters) states the default sort order is score desc.