I would like to know how can i add a filter when i publish a wordpress post.

and when the has satisfied some conditions mentioned within the filter it'll still publish the publish otherwise, it'll abort from posting the publish and compelling the consumer that some conditions weren't met?


Allows just state that the procedure inside would certainly return a genuine or false result.

@shelby Maybe not to completly abort but rather alter the status in order to save as draft?


You are able to hook 'transition_publish_status', though I am getting trouble discovering what you'd do inside (or using the return worth of) that hook to avoid posting. Connecting 'publish_post' seems to occur later within the lifetime, so I am unsure if you're able to prevent posting at that time, if you have full accessibility publish and publish ID, and so i suppose within the worst situation you can always revert the post's condition inside a function that you simply wire as much as that event.