i'm presently managing a small bit of PHP software that is being utilized by two categories of people, one group in china, another in ireland. the server is located in ireland, and without doubt pages load between .3 and .8 seconds.

china individuals are recording occasions which is between 3. seconds and ten seconds.

i've run speed tests and also the chinese have a web connection of just one.5 mbit (testing server in ireland) along with a ping of 750ms.

to date, to enhance load time i've remade many of the mysql database interaction to increase efficiency, but this didn't help, i presume this only slightly reduces server process time but has little impact on page download time.

I believed, could i recieve hosting in china, and employ this like a gateway for that system in ireland. surely the latency and data transfer speed between this chinese server could be much better than an average joe.. and also the average persons demands would ve re-routed through here.

Performs this seem whatsoever achievable? or does other people have suggestions with regards to this?

Your greatest issue is the latency. If you're able to minimize the http demands, you need to see large gains.

But, it's most likely simpler to simply the buy services of the content delivery network and move all of your static files for them, ensuring they've well connected servers in china and ireland. I believe this really is simpler than redecorating your site.

The least expensive bang for that buck will come from delivering appropriate http headers to point towards the browsers they don't have to constantly seek advice from your servers for quality validation(avoid conditional http demands). If this can be done for those exterior web page objects(images, css, js etc...) then page one load will still take ten seconds or whatever, but subsequent page loads ought to be not far from your irish site visitors. This really is only a matter of webserver configuration. Heres a tutorial as needed. To tell the truth, delivering cache friendly headers is usually a good idea, this is the way you receive individuals snappy responsive websites we all like.

To begin Follow best practices to speed up you website.Then also check YSlow to measure your site's speed and appearance you skill to enhance performance. I believe that altering servers will not provide you with better responce time. I believe you need to worry first for optimisation after which look into the good and effective webhost and hosting plan.


Hosting/reflecting in China is certainly what you want. It will be faster for anyone there and much more reliable. Ideally you'd also provide it located in Ireland too, and also have some type of load balancing in position.

I'd certainly mirror your website to some server somewhere in asia. You already did some performance enhancements that did not lead to far better is a result of China and so i assume the network latency is leading to the majority of the load occasions.

You are able to deploy your site to among the cloud services. Amazon EC2 instances can be found in Singapore and Tokyo, japan for instance. Or deploy to some "regular" web hoster in China.

If you need to deliver mostly static files, look into the Content Distribution Network (CDN) service.

To accelerate the burden time, you might consider hosting your static files (images, css, javascript, documents) to some CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDNs work by hosting your files in multiple nodes all over the world. Once it gets to be a request, the nearest server towards the customer assists the file - thus reducing latency.

You might want to try CloudFlare (http://cloudflare.com), it is a free product which works as a reverse proxy and CDN of the website. Rather than the consumer being able to access the website directly, CloudFlare would be the someone to access your website and optimize it for delivery towards the customer.