I'm managing a server on Home windows XP SP2 computer using EasyPhp. Allows refer to it as computer_1. The ip laptop or computer is

Now I've another computer ( computer_2) around the lan with ip

I wish to access the website on computer_1 from computer_2.

comupter_2 can ping computer_1 (ping works)

However when I type within the browser laptop or computer_2, nothing happens.

I wish to access the website on comupter_1 from computer_2


In yout httpd.conf make certain you've:

Listen *:80

And when you're using VirtualHosts then assemble them such as this:

NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>

should you did alter the httpd.conf file situated under conf_files folder, avoid using home windows notepad, you'll need a unix text editor, try TED pad, after coming to a changes for your httpd.conf file save it. ps: if you are using a dos/home windows editor you'll finish track of an "Error in Apache file transformed" message. so be cautious.... Salam

Please reformulate your question. The first sentence doesn't seem sensible. .

To deal with your question:

http://ip.of.server/ should operate in principle. However, based on configuration (virtual hosting) only while using correct host title may go.

Anyway, for those who have a network, you need to correctly configure DNS, otherwise a myriad of problems (similar to this) may occur.

You could also wish to look at your server configuration - sometimes the default for development type servers would be to only accept connections from localhost.

am unable to open http: of comp1 from LAN connected comp2. using home windows XP with wamp installed

Look into the Home windows firewall configurations.