I'm using Apache server. Usually when I wish to begin a new website project, I produced a brand new folder within my server directory and within that folder I'd have 'index.html or index.php'. After I direct my localhost Hyperlink to that folder, it might open it up and instantly display index.php.

Now i'm trying new things with this particular CakePHP framework. I finished configuring it, so when I direct my localhost Hyperlink to folder 'cakephp-cakephp' (folder that contains all of the cakePHP files), after that it shows me this message:

Release Notes for CakePHP 2.0.0-dev.

Your tmp directory is writable.

The FileEngine is being used for caching. To change the config edit APP/config/core.php

Your database configuration file is present. 

I believe the next phase here's to begin the expansion by saving my files to "application" folder. However the message isn't gone even if I erased the default index.php files from the folder 'cakephp-cakephp'. It appears anyway, the index.php files don't really create the message.

Does anybody understand what file creates that release notes message? I wish to remove that file to ensure that I wont obtain the message (that we believe is triggered by some default file like 'index.php') after i access folder 'cakephp-cakephp', after which it'll show me the file directory within that folder rather, and that i can traverse file directory easily using my browser and access my application folder, by which I'm likely to store my index.php file, and save my development files..

You can't remove the index.php files and also you usually don't modify individuals files unless of course you must do some kind of special configuration. Adding the file application/sights/pages/home.ctp will get eliminate that message and becomes your default webpage.

Also, as mentioned within the comments, you need to really browse the manual and check out the tutorial. http://book.cakephp.org