Since I Have had some comments around the formulation of my question, I made the decision to rewrite it entirely. As well as, I realize a bit more about wordpress therefore it should be preferable now.

So, let us begin with what I am attempting to accomplish using a simple example:


Create a internet search engine for many items and connect to them utilizing a database to create the data.

Result:<plugin-name>  <-- The page with the "search" and "search result<plugin-name>/products/<product_name>  <-- When click on a search result

Part 1:

I wish to create a wordpress plugin using the title "wordpress plugin-title" At this time, I put my code in<plugin-name>

Around the activate, I create some tables with a few data. Since there's no page yet, I create 1 quickly while using API call 'wp_place_post'. I provide the title and slug "myPlugin".

So, after i continue the primary site, I can tell my recently produced page "myPlugin". But at this time, there's no content mounted on it. To do this, from things i understand, I have to produce a page during my plug-in directory named "myPlugin.php".<plugin-name>/myPlugin.php

So, how do you link the page I produced by hand and also the source file within the wordpress plugin directory?

Part 2

When hitting a hyperlink within the google listing, I must possess a page "product.php" and display its information. So, can you really produce a "temporary url" for that result using sub pages (see result at the start)? And when possible, exactly how should we make that happen?

Thanks ahead of time and that i hope it's clearer.

I apologize you are going through some problems. Regrettably once we say above since it is a 'one off' for any client project we can not support it - it really works on their behalf :) You can rip it apart and retest and when you've any success tell us.

u will find how you can create wordpress plugin from

in wordpress plugin write function for search(according to u r logic) fetch result

produce a custom page refer video from

in custom pages template among get_header() and obtain_footer() call search function and display records.

Thats it.

thisMayhem is appropriate. This seems like a lot of nonsense. But, if you are attempting to make a Wordpress page that executes some custom PHP, lookup the Wordpress template hierarchy.

You skill is:

  • produce a Wordpress "page" - refer to it as "Search engine results.Inch
  • produce a template directory file known as page-search-results.php (filename corresponds with slug of page from step one)
  • put some generic header/footer stuff there (see other template files - most frequently it is simply an issue of investing in <?php get_header(); ?> and <?php get_footer(); ?>)
  • put PHP code for the reason that thar page. inside them hillsides.
  • if you are using a caching wordpress plugin, might want to put an exemption for /search-results/

So, when someone pulls up - your custom PHP code will execute. The choice is yours to create that logic and communication happen - whether via $_GET or $_Publish, etc.