I would like add Google Maps for my index page on the Wordpress site I am creating. I have been searching everywhere with this however i are only able to find plug ins that enables me to increase posts and pages. That isn't things i want.

I would like a roadmap that appears like map 10 here:


On my small first page. How do you do this? I attempted to set up this wordpress plugin adding:

< ?php echo do_shortcode ( '[shortcode goes here..]' ) ?>

on my small index.php. But that does not work. What shall I actually do? Help me.

Ignore plug ins and WordPress specific stuff, why excessively complicate adding one factor to 1 page?

Obtain the Google Maps code from the Google Maps website.

Combine it with your index.php template file in which you want the map to look.

In case your index.php template can be used in excess of only the webpage, copy its contents to home.php, the template file WordPress uses just for your home page whether it is available.