I'm developing a website using Wordpress. To include a slideshow of images I made use of the slider 3d plugin. I added the shortcode to 1 of my pages, but what's happening would be that the slideshow seems only in a tiny area of the page. I would like it to appear through the header on the vast majority from the page. How do i accomplish this?

Getting checked out the wordpress plugin, I think you will desire to make some modifications to be able to place the Expensive object right into a div which you'll then position via CSS.

Modify line 146 of slider3d_gallery.php from



$output='<div class="slidercontainer">

after which modify line 172 from




Then inside your CSS you may create a brand new rule for the slidercontainer div:

.slidercontainer {
    height: 200px; /* height of your Flash object */
    position: absolute; 
    width: 400px; /* width of your Flash object */
    top: 526px; /* position you want it to be from the top of your page */