I had been assigned using the project of establishing a Content management systems (I selected wordpress) on the private server, that the customer could publish media that may be distributed to their partners. For example, you will find PSD mockups, .mov files, .swf files, and also the periodic .zip package they will have to share. I've got a couple of different issues.

I am presently while using FolioGrid Professional theme... as my finish result, I would like the consumer to have the ability to view a picture preview from the media with the FolioGrid thumbnail take on the primary blog, see the media from the specific publish, after which have the ability to download the file from that publish. I figured this is as uploading the media, setting a thumbnail, after which pointing the consumer to right click and save target as. This appears to utilize some file types (easy ones... like .png), however with others it doesn't. For instance, the .mov files I've submitted are turning up all right inside the posts, however when downloaded, it'll seem to download personal files which has zero data, so when you are trying to spread out the file it'll appear as null.

Also, I recieve the mistake 'Sorry, this file type isn't allowed for security reasons.' when attempting to upload some files, for example .zip and .psd. I understand these aren't wordpress permitted file types, but we are doing all this by ourselves private servers, and so i require a deal with. For that .psds, I attempted changing function.php with the addition of 'psd' => 'image/psd' under permitted file types, but with no success.

I apologize I can not assist you towards the site so that you can see more particularly what I am attempting to accomplish, however the media being shared is sensitive. Exactly what do I actually do?! Any help could be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE----- Hey men! Just help. I am utilizing Download Manager now, also it appears to become helping with a few of the files. I am now in a position to incorporate a connect to a psd file, for example, also it downloads quickly and easily.

However, some file types (.mov, .swf) still appear as 0kb files when downloaded. Why might this be happening, when other files are fine?

We've attempted a number of these Download plug ins and after considering most of them we found Download Manager to become right one, It's granular access control and nice download statistics features.

Difficult to really tell without seeing the website, but perhaps you have checked out some file uploading/installing plug ins for Wordpress? They circumvent a few of the file constraints.

Here's all of them tagged "download".

Some are a lot more like for installing applications, however, many are simply plain old file managers with passwords and the like. Find out if them meet your needs, a minimum of ought to be much better than using WP's default media loader which is not designed for your type of factor.