I've got a wordpress site and also have used this URL to develop a feed of 1 author's posts:


The instantly produced title of the feed is "My Awesome Site >> Joe"

Now I am trying to puzzle out how you can alter the feed title to something similar to "Joe Smith's Awesome Words of Knowledge."

I can not quite determine in which the feed title is produced, and what hook i would use to filter it. Any ideas?

Edit: Wow it was a discomfort. Did not realize for some time that Wordpress caches feeds. I attempted numerous approaches, but ultimately I simply compromised core, altering the title tag in feed-rss.php, feed-rss2.php, feed-atom.php, and feed-rdf.php to

    if (is_author('joe')) {
        echo "Joe Smith's Awesome Words of Wisdom";
    } else {
        bloginfo_rss('name'); wp_title_rss(); 

Better suggestions still welcome.

You should use the wordpress wordpress plugin:


This enables you to definitely change all Search engine optimization related qualities (meta-tags, explanations, game titles etc...)

Within the options there's a piece that enables you to definitely change game titles for specific page and publish types.