I am creating a site Light with Wordpress

I wish to let twitter reflect it instantly basically do publish of the diary.

My atmosphere isn't any crontab (Can't use) But Couple of days later I'm able to use crontab.

How you can automatic publish to twitter with wordpress? can there be any plug ins or any other slutions?

you could do this so with

Twitter Updater


or with

Twitter Tools


they'll update status of ur twitter whenever you publish using blogging platforms

Out of your wordpress install:

From exterior service:

  • twitterfeed.com
  • ping.fm

please use wordsocial in wordpress, thets the automated &lifier inmediatly publish in social internet! Visit Wordpress plugin, ADD NEW search wordsocial, login in every social networking, (face, twitter, linkedyn), save and publish a brand new..that is all, enjoy buds

For "other solutions", you might like to look in direction of RSS2Twitter, it requires an feed and updates twitter whenever new posts occur.

This really is simple to answer by asking Google, which rapidly finds Twitter Tools.