I'm wondering if a person can let you know that can a rails application be balanced.

Two questions:

  1. Will it help getting separate rails programs reading through in the same database within the same devoted server?

  2. I realize Apache can balance load setting up additional modules? shall we be held right? exactly how should we make this happen? (please provide reason behind idiot's)

I'd take a look at using Passenger - it's largely replaced Mongrel and handles running multiple Rails instances.

Rails is single threaded, then when implementing with Mongrel it's "normal" to operate several Mongrel instances inside a cluster fronted by Apache with mod_proxy installed. This allows Apache dispatch multiple demands to free application instances.

Any reasonable databases is made for high amounts of concurrent demands so should have the ability to handle a far quantity of application instances.

Based on your server assets there's significant advantage in running multiple Mongrel instances - it's really the only method to serve concurrent demands.

Even on the small-memory host (say 512mb), in case your Rails application uses 100mb of memory you'd be easily in a position to run several instances without drained of assets - you can then function as many concurrent demands as you've instances.

Sliecehost has some awesome articles like that one: http://articles.slicehost.com/2009/4/17/centos-apache-rails-and-mongrels