I've prepared a credit card applicatoin that's a little demo of Student information manipulation. I've saved information associated with students inside a MySQL DB. Now my application is working 100% on my small computer. However I want that actually work everywhere without based on Database! I am talking about Among the finest "WHEREVER MY .JAR FILE GOES, DATABASE Also Needs To Accompany THAT INSIDE .JAR FILE "

So anybody who's using my application or giving it a go, they are able to realize exact consequence of this application.

How do i make this a reality? Please someone assist me to.

You'll most likely may need to look at something similar to HyperSQL, the industry in-memory database (which you will have to populate at application start-up). Or take a look at SQLite, that is an embedded databsase, which you'll distribute like a resource inside your jar.

This does not work. MySQL is really a full-blown RDBMS. You would need to do the installation on every computer if you would like application for doing things in your area. An alternate could be using SQLite.

SQLite is really a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite and Java

SQLite appears to become a good fit for the needs.