My Subversion server access is thru Apache HTTP. For example, I'm not going TortoisSVN not at version 1.6 and above have the ability to can get on. The blockage should happen for just about any client not at 1.6 or over.

Based on this E-Mail from Stefan K√ľng (among the Authors of TortoiseSVN), you will find two methods for carrying this out: While using USER_AGENT in Apache, and also the capabilities parameter inside a Subversion hook.

For both look possible but tricky.

The Apache variant would require alterations in httpd.conf (or wherever you define accessibility repository) but it will likely be difficult to develop a regular expression that inspections the USER_AGENT string for any version number bigger than x. While that's certainly easy to do, I've no clue how.

The capabilities parameter utilizes a capacity specific to at least one.5 (merging) in this example - whether there's a capability in 1.6 that you could used to differentiate the version number, I don't know - you'd need to discover.