I create php application for smaller businesses. A few of the clients may prefer running the application on the local server, therefore my requirement would be to create/bundle an application with apache/mysql/php with the necessary confirguration and something click executable (whether it's a batch file) so that once the user opens it, it runs the apache server on some port say localhost:1234 and mysql too.

and reveals the applying within the default internet browser.

To become more exact, Im searching for something similar to http://www.simpleinvoices.org/go, check their Simple Bills for Home windows that can come budled with apache/php/mysql.

P.S - I am not confident that this ought to be at SO or Superuser.

Superuser could have been better. But based on your needs, you need to just produce a package to set up. On home windows, package it with WAMP, on linux, package it with each one-click-install or creating packages for that two greatest systems, namely APT and Revoltions per minute. Using the dependency-system on these you are able to make certain, that the application runs quickly the softball bat.

Should you really wish to use a web server along with a SQL server then Lars' solution will be a approach to take. On home windows you will get b .msi installer that contains the dependencies you'll need (like WAMP). An installer executable will be a cleaner solution than the usual batch file for me, as it will likewise supply the user by having an choice to un-install your software when they wish.

If you wish to distribute the application inside a stand alone version, then you could also wish to check an answer like NuSphere's PHPDock - http://www.nusphere.com/products/phpdock.htm