My application is continuously polling the database. For optimisation purpose, I would like the applying to question the database only when the tables happen to be modified. So I wish to calculate the HASH of entire table and compare it using the last-saved-hash of table. (I intend to compute the hash beginning with calculating HASH of every row after which then their hash i.e. HASH of HASHes)

I discovered that there's Checksum() sql utility funtion for SQL Server which computes HASH/Checksum for just one row.

Can there be any similar utility/query to obtain the HASH of the row in SQL Anywhere 11 database?

FYI, the databse table doesn't have coloumn using the precomputed HASH/Checksum.

Any help could be appreciated.


Got the solution. We are able to compute the hash on the particular column of the table using below query:

Choose HASH(coulum_title, hash_formula) e.g.Choose HASH(coulmn, 'md5') FROM MyTable