I've got a Wordpress site that i'm presently focusing on and also have setup an application using the CformsII wordpress plugin however the client would really like the shape data posted to some Cleaning soap web service.

I've the Cleaning soap webservice URL and XML data however the CformsII wordpress plugin in Wordpress appears to utilize a standard HTML Publish method which i've learned the Cleaning soap webservicewill not handle.

I have not used or had any knowledge about Cleaning soap web services before and so i am really looking for guidance regarding the way i will go about posting form data from the Wordpress site (without or with the CformsII wordpress plugin) to some Cleaning soap webservice.

Has anybody accomplished this formerly or are conscious of any wordpress plugin that may help?

If only I'd a much better answer for you personally, but I am afraid it'll incorporate some coding and understanding on Cleaning soap. (Because I could not find any WordPress plug ins that implemented a normal Cleaning soap client or even more particularly an application submission with Cleaning soap support).

This publish author collected a pleasant number of links that ought to help enable you to get began: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/14804/embedding-a-soap-client-into-a-wordpress-plugin

Personally, I personally use GravityForms for those my projects (but it is a compensated wordpress plugin). However they give a nice API and there is a hook known as gform_post_submission that I have personally used a great deal. (I have "published" to Relaxation services by using their hook).