The truth is that i'm using "User Role Editor" and that i have one user group that may read and edit released pages. Now, i'll be adding all of the pages on that website, and we'll have several customers that have to have just one page they are able to edit, and so i need for your page to alter "Page author" to that particular user. Just in case you didnt know, when user have "Edit released pages" enabled they are able to edit only pages where they're listed as author.

Issue is i'm able to only do this by moving in phpmyadmin and altering the page_author area towards the id of this user because that user group, like i stated, can only read and edit released pages. That's why i am unable to change page author from "Edit page" page to user from that user group.

So my real question is: does anybody know any fix for your problem which doesn't involve me likely to phpmyadmin and altering the id for page_author there?

You could attempt temporarily giving these customers a chance to edit all pages (I believe the capacity is one thing like 'edit_others_pages'), creating all of your pages and setting these to the right user, after which revoking the capacity.