I've got a hosting that is shared on godaddy.

I attempted to alter session save path in php.ini file with this particular line,

sessions.save_path = "/session"

I have controlled the periods save path with sessions.save_path() function. It returns /tmp pre and post altering php.ini

Can you really change session save path on hosting that is shared? Where shall we be held wrong?


You are able to modify session save path on hosting that is shared by looking into making custom php.ini.

Inorder to change the sessions.save_path = "/path/to/your/folder"

Otherwise, you should use

ini_set(session.save_path, '/path/to/your/folder')

The folder you utilize ought to be beneath your domain/account although not accessible via a Internet browser. It must also have world-writable permissions onto it. And each page that utilizes periods must bring that line.