During my wordpress i've PHP Execution wordpress plugin and may write php code in posts and pages. I make page Match and includes match.php.within this php file i recieve variable and show information. Now after i open site.com/match/?var1=u . s .&lifier?var2=chelsea i saw information for u . s . and chelsea. My idea would be to change this connect to site.com/match/u . s .-chelsea

I attempt with (inshtaccess) RewriteRule ^match/([^/]+)/?$ /match/?var1=$1&var2=$2 [L] however working and wordpress get me Error 404 - Page not found!

Basically change link to get along with ID such as this site.com/match/?id=123 RewriteRule ^match/([-9]+)/$ match/?id=$1 [L] All works perfect but i wish to end up like my first example.

P.S. Sorry for my british