i've installed my wordpress blog here, http://www.test.com.au/demo, now i wish to change my root road to this http://www.test.com.au, however when i transfer all files to here, i cant really access the website properly. I'm not sure what's actual method to get this done. Can anyone please guide me with exact steps.

Thanks ahead of time

Refer this


listed here are the steps to maneuver yor site.....

I'd follow @davidosomething's list above.

Later on, I'd do this.

  • Install the website inside a permanent directory like "admin".
  • Test the website and obtain it setup wish.
  • When you're all set to go live, enter in the admin configurations area.
  • Keep wordpress address exactly the same, and take away "admin" from site url.
  • Then copy your .htaccess file and index.php file in to the root.
  • Open replicated index.php file, and remove "admin" from last line:


You may want to do not only transfer files. You will have to change a couple of database configurations too in wordpress_options. Perform a choose * from wordpress_options and find out which configurations continue to be pointing for your old location, you'll be able to change individuals.

  • Restore it into demo
  • visit demo/wordpress-admin
  • change configurations -- wordpress address to http://www.test.com.au
  • change configurations -- site hyperlink to http://www.test.com.au
  • save configurations
  • move files to root