I have to identify if php is running as nobody. How do you do that?

Are there more names for "nobody"? "apache"? Any others?

<?php echo exec('whoami'); ?>

If available you are able to probe the present user account with [cde] after which obtain the user title with [cde].

If you're running in safe mode however (that is frequently the situation when professional is disabled), then it is unlikely that the PHP process is running under not the default posix_geteuid or posix_getpwuid account.

[cde] is going to do this


type of backward way, but without professional/system:


should you produce a file, the dog owner would be the php user.

You can test using backticks such as this:


More particulars could be helpful, but presuming it is a a linux systemunix, and presuming php is running under apache, it'll run as no matter what user apache runs as.

A good way to check on ( again, presuming some unix like atmosphere ) is to produce a php file with:


which provides you with the consumer.