I've got a feeling that Apache is applying another php.ini file the one I'm editing. I make a general change in my php.ini file, restart Apache, and also the change does not take affect. So I'm not sure how to proceed any longer.

Any ideas?

Update: Discovered it's while using right php.ini file...however i still don't get sound advice!

To obtain the file that's being run by PHP, produce a phpinfo file (just <?php phpinfo();?>) and search for the 'Configuration File (php.ini) Path' directive.

The output from phpinfo() will contain this. When utilizing PHP being an Apache module, it may be set up using PHPIniDir in httpd.conf (or similar).

Question for you personally, what platform are you currently running on unix or home windows? If it's unix based, see if your php.ini is dwelling within the same directory as /etc/httpd. Again, installing of apache can differ check...or problem the command "find / -title php.ini -print" (without quotes) to determine what the first is it you're using

Ok. Because you stated you've found the right php.ini, seems like something is missing whenever you edited the php.ini and reloaded apache. Try looking in the log directory /var/log/httpd for error_log and determine if there is errors...that might be a start!

in the command line, run

php -i |grep "php.ini"

This can describe the place php is loading its ini file from. You are able to reconfigure the php.ini location by recompiling php.