I've got a blog running WordPress. I've customers who wish to use Google Paperwork to create blogs and distribute them to my website.

There's a choice within the "Share" menu for doing this, and delay pills work nicely, except the suggestion is created:

To instantly classify your site posts, just tag your documents having a category title you already experience your site site.

I've discovered two references for this concept (by searching, natch). Both of them are asking exactly the same question, without result. Any suggestions?

Three corollary questions:

How can i discover the Movable Type API (that is suggested as supporting probably the most features, without any enumeration.)

It is possible to logging capacity in WordPress in order to track these transfers?

It is possible to logging capacity in the search engines Paperwork for the similar purpose?

The suggestion is strange, concerning aren't exactly "tags" in the search engines Paperwork any longer. So I'm not sure if it will likely be easy to classify when posting from this.

Have you attempt to create folders and behave like these were tags, and find out if posting from the doc in the folder instantly categorizes using the folder's title?