I've been only at that for a few several weeks now, off and on. I start searching for the answer and that i rapidly get frustrated using the incomplete or excessively complicated solutions i keep finding.

All I wish to do would be to convert this: mysite.com/component/content/article/17-category/61-article-title.html

Into this: mysite.com/category/article-title.html

There needs to be wherein wont make my brain fall from the skull.

I would like a solution from individuals who've carried this out before, what's the easiest way you realize to do this?

Use a SEF component for Joomla like sh404SEF or aceSEF or JoomSEF. Personally I love aceSEF however there is a footer watermark on each page. Within your budget the version that does not.

These will generate SEF web addresses for you personally, if however you'll still can't stand them you are able to enter in the component and hang the web addresses for every link by hand.

You don't have to install any extension to achieve that. If you work with Joomla 1.5, visit Site -> Global Configuration and switch on the three options you have around the right side :

Internet Search Engine Friendly Web addresses - YES

Use Apache mod_rewrite - YES

Add suffix to Web addresses - YES

Then relabel htaccess.txt you have inside your joomla folder to .htaccess

You ought to have mod_rewrite in your Apache server to obtain that working.