Okay, I have got two databases, the 2nd one as being a more current version of the first. It's new posts, tables, constraints, and whatnot.

I'm wondering if there's a good program available which will update the very first database with all of those of the 2nd already up-to-date database (Not the information, only the tables, posts and all sorts of that) or shall we be held stuck creating my very own update script on your own?

I really found another publish, that didn't seem like exactly the same factor however it still assisted me anyway, I discovered a course known as Toad for MySQL and contains a compare Schema option that blogs about the two databases after which can sync together (it produces a script and executes it) it appears to become working perfectly, but I am still testing the net application that utilizes the database to make sure this is correct.

If you are on Home windows, the RedGate SQL data and schema compare tools are beautiful:


I have used them a couple of occasions. They are quite easy to use.

They are designed around creating DB diffs for moving from dev/QA/staging conditions to integration/production conditions (so yes, they generate scripts).

If you're searching for something which will compare in the schema level then I recommend Navicat. The older version which i use can be useful for getting my production and development boxes in synch. I do not recommend it for big amounts of data synchronization though - it appears very slow in comparison to some SQL dump and SQL import.