What is the very best suggested way years old hide my staging website from search engines like google, i Researched it and located some states which i should put a metatag, plus some stated which i should put a text file within my website directory, i wish to be aware of standard way.

my current website is within asp.internet, as i think that it should be a typical method for any web site whatever its programming language.

Make use of a robots.txt file.

see here http://world wide web.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html

You might make use of your servers robots.txt:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Google's crawler really respects these configurations.

Quite simple answer password safeguard it. If it is a staging site it most probably isn't supposed to have been openly facing (private audience only probably). Attempting to keep it of search engines like google is just dealing with an indicator once the real problem is you haven’t properly guaranteed it.

Bear in mind that you simply can't hide a public-facing unguaranteed site from the internet search engine. You are able to request that bots not index it (with the robots.txt that my fine co-workers have raised), and those who write the bots may not index your website according to that, there is however reached be a minumum of one guy available who's indexing everything people request him to not index. At the minimum one.

If this sounds like a large requirement, keeping automated spiders out, some type of CAPCHA solution might meet your needs.

You will find search engines like google / book marking services that do not use robots.txt. Should you really do not would like it to arrive ever I'd suggest using capcha's simply to visit the site.

What is the very best suggested way years old hide my staging website from search engines like google

Simple: don't allow it to be public. In the event that does not work, then only allow it to be public lengthy enough to validate that it's prepared to publish live after which go lower.

However, all nevertheless, a far more fundamental real question is, "Why care?". When the staging website is really said to be the live site a measure before pushing live, it should not matter if it's indexed.