i have to setup a conection within the DB Navigator wordpress plugin for PHPStorm inside a mac (snow leopard). It asks me for that route of the library that implements the java.sql.Driver class. I simply haven't any concept of where's it. Any torch?

To begin with, you don't have to install third-party DB Navigator plug-in, as database functionality will come in PhpStorm as they are, see Tools Data Sources.

Add new databases, it'll allow to find the database and also the driver, and can download the needed database motorists instantly.

Crazy Coder is appropriate - you should use the build-in feature not less than a few of the plug ins functionality. Anyway, listed here are the steps to create the navigator up if you choose to opt for the wordpress plugin option:


  • Install DB Navigator Wordpress plugin via >> Configurations >> Plug ins >> Available-Tab
  • Download MySQL jdbc connector came from here >> http://www.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/
  • Unpack MySQL jdbc connector to a listing of your decision
  • Give a DB connection via DB Navigator >> Configurations >> Connection-Tab >> Plus-Button
  • Make use of the following parameters for the local MySQL DB (see below)

Parameters for local MySQL DB:

  • Title: some title of preference (localhost)
  • Description: some information of preference (dbname)
  • Driver Library: road to the .jar file (that ought to be inside the directory that you unpacked the archive in step three)
  • Driver: your perfered driver (possibly the standard driver is going to do >> com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)
  • URL: connection URL having a jdbc reference (during my current XAMP setup this exercised fine >> jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/)
  • UserName: the db username (root)
  • Password: the db password (root)