I wish to configure phpMyAdmin to have the ability to accept one of many different user account logins. Each user could be allotted a particular database and just get access to that.

The default configuration with phpMyAdmin is a super user, e.g. root which can access every database around the server.

I have to have the ability to give people use of certain database(s) although not all.

Would you either

  1. provide a solution
  2. discuss my findings using the existing solution below which needed to be modified to correctly work

The next solution works - by having an additional step (referred to below): http://alandoyle.com/tutorials/configuring-phpmyadmin-for-multiple-users/

The extra steps will be to first assume you've setup a mysql user and password, e.g. 'anotheruser' and connected this user having a database - i.e. added this user towards the listing of customers that may access that database.

The second additional step would be to run the SQL query block cited within the page of the aforementioned solution again (after already running it once, as instructed within the original text, virtually as cited (clearly ensuring the right password can be used)) but this time around for that actual user you need to give access. Therefore if your user title is 'anotheruser', then you definitely replace pma with anotheruser and pmapassword using the password for anotheruser.

So together with the instructions this appears to operate. It appears then that every time a new user will be added, that same SQL query needs to be run for that new user. However the impression I acquired in the solution was this would be a one-time SQL query to aid adding a variety of customers and adding these to databases through the phpmyadmin ui. Ideas?

Other solutions checked out on SO (but less than things i need):