I have to give a wordpress blog towards the same server (underneath the same domain title), but at "/blog" path. That's:

My rails application reaches mysite.com, I would like your blog site at mysite.com/blog.

I attempted putting all wordpress files under my rails application /public/blog folder. But whenever I access mysite.com/blog, I acquired error saying "The page you had been searching for does not exist."

However, I'm able to still access mysite.com/blog/wordpress-admin/index.php, therefore it appears that it may run PHP scripts all right.

My rails application is running on the mongrel+apache2 configuration.

Any idea the way i could make your blog use this rails application?


I believed it myself. if anybody getting similar problems, book the answer at http://harryche2008.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/how-setup-wordpress-blog-under-railss-public-directory/