I'm employed in C++ from last 4 years, and all of a sudden i'm designated an activity to build up an example web application whose purpose would be to fetch data from the sample table and show it inside a power grid view.

About Sample Application:

The applying is coded in Visual webmaster 2010under Framework 4., using ASP.internet with C#. The after sales database is coded in MS SQL Server 2008

My Approach:

Since, i'm a new comer to .internet world. And so i surf over internet and located the typed data set (probably the most simpler way, i.e using magicians instead of coding) and therefore i personally use type dataset for database connectivity.

My Question:

I've faced large amount of critique for implementing typed data sets :(. Someone say it is not efficent, someone say its harder to increase . . . and so forth :( Now i simply want to request that what's the easiest way of creating database connectivity (especially, for massive project). I'm only asking this because i an a new comer to this area. However study on internet and located the one other way through coding i.e There are courses of instruction for each factor (DataSet, DataTable, DataRow, Connection etc.). Is it more beneficial way? or there are some factor else. Some sample code or perhaps a web resource guiding how to get this done could be more useful

I'd take a look at Microsofts ORM (Object Realtionship Mapping) tool known as Entity Framework. You virtually give a new Entity Framework Model to your Project, and you can choose all of the table and saved methods that you would like, this then provide you with the ease of access to gain access to your computer data via object instead of Datasets.

Datasets aren't used much these day in new projects, because of them being difficult to change down the road and there's an excuse for many changes down the road to occur, and what individuals getting been suggesting is appropriate about the subject not very extensible.

Checkout the hyperlink below for Entity Framework.

Entity Framework Tutorial

You should use SqlDataReader, it is the quickest method to retrieve data insInternet.

//ensures the SQLconnection will be closed...
using (SqlConnection connection =
           new SqlConnection(connectionString))
    SqlCommand command =
        new SqlCommand("select * from MyTable", connection);

    SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();

    // Reads data
    while (reader.Read())
        Response.Write(String.Format("{0}, {1}",
            reader[0], reader[1]));

    // Close dataReader after use...

i would suggest you to undergo this content because they describes guidelines for data access in ASP.Internet.



Using DataSet, DataTable or SqlDataReader, all is dependent in your situation. You have to evaluate which suits very best in your circumstances.

You are able to take a look at this.

And in addition it produce other techniques like LINQ TO SQL, EF

When you purchase typed datasets you type of stay with one technology. It's harder to follow along with the Separation Of Concerns because the datasets as well as their table is generally getting passed to both business logic as well as in the customer, not only the information access layser.

Therefore the scalability is certainly an problem when you purchase typed datasets inside your application, since it is not so simple changing out that technologies since it is usually implemented across layers and tiers

Others swear to technologies like NHibernate rather, which is excellent.

But when it's merely a sample application you receive greatly free of charge using typed dataset. Proceed and implement it unless of course this should be an extended-living application which plan to scale

Might be Data Abstract could be a great way for you personally