I am running MacOS 10.6 using the default configurations for my machine with Internet Discussing switched on.

What must be set up to permit use of my machine's grails/jetty instance on the specific port?

I'm able to do 'http://localhost/' in addition to 'http://192.x.x.x/' but when I would set my grails application to operate on the specific port, I can not can get on with: 'http://192.x.x.x:8081/'.

The browser can't begin a reference to this address from the own machine and that i realize that I have to establish an accessible port in certain config file.

I did previously have the ability to do that just before upgrading in the last version from the OS but it is been such a long time I do not remember things i did the final time.

NOTE: I'm able to use 'grails run-application -Dserver.port=' to specify a port number for jetty to operate my grails application but that also does not allow my machine to become accessible by ip &lifier port number.

grails run-app -Dserver.port=<port number>

run-application Runs a grails application while using default Jetty container. The default http port is 8080. This is often customised by appending -Dserver.port= towards the command line

See the grails website for additional particulars.