OKAY! Here's the problem. I have got a jQuery wordpress plugin that's animating experience-image during my header to constantly scroll left-to-right. I've got a .png of the wheel looking at this header. I have to possess the wheel constantly spinning using the moving background.

CSS3- Yes I possibly could use CSS3, however some poor soul using Ie would visit a stationary wheel on the moving background which may be strange.

jQuery Plug ins- This is exactly what Let me use, however i haven't yet locate one which will constantly rotate the look. Most only rotate with a certain position whenever you activate it.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd be thankful!

It isn't jQuery as a result, but when for you to do something constantly in JavaScript, use setInterval(), like so:

setInterval("alert('Rotate!')", 100)

But replace the alert together with your rotation code, and also the interval is within milliseconds.

You could attempt this:

http://code.google.com/p/jqueryrotate/wiki/Good examples

    var rotation = function ()position:,


      callback: rotation,

      reducing: function (x,t,b,c,d)



It appears as if you want this response to an associated question about rotating images with jQuery...

But it is purely a rotating wheel, a 2 or 3 frame animated presen will most likely be simpler, faster, and fewer CPU-intensive...