I wish to convert my Access database to SQL because my host only supports posting a database through SQL within their phpmyadmin.

Hmm, I do not think Access is able to generate SQL for creating its tables and data. Things I can suggest is posting it into SQL Server (any version must do) after which use SQL Server to create the create table and data scripts.

Download something similar to SQL Server 2005 Express, that is free of charge, and import it into there, then create the SQL


Because DB in your server is MySQL, I'd:

  1. install MySql on local machine
  2. connect ODBC to MySQL DB
  3. from access open MySQL database (as ODBC resource) and copy data into it
  4. export data from MySQL

It's lengthy way round, but it is probably to operate correctly.

What version of Access are you currently using? You will have to export all of the Access tables to CSV files and import each one of these into mySQL. There can be tools that instantly do this now, however they could ruin your computer data or ay PK and FK mappings you've. Easiest way IMO to get it done table-by-table to make sure data integrity.

I have used Bullzip Access To MySQL on two separate projects and found it quite solid and reliable.

Would you mean MySQL? The industry database implementation. 'SQL' is really a language employed for querying and modifying relational databases. Microsoft Access props up SQL language. Like the majority of stnadards, the SQL standard has different implementations on different database systems!

IMHO the easiest method to do this can be a mixture of some/the majority of the published solutions.

download an express version of SQL server and obtain it running on your computer. download SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) from http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/en/us/product-info/migration.aspx

this handles the different changes to datatypes that you mightOrmight not want.

then once thats migrated everything over you will be liberated to connect with your SQL server epxress instance from phpMyAdmin

I am really doing a bit of contract work atm moving Access DB's to SQL which is the path I required and found it very easy and robust