I've got a website that was produced using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

I wish to copy the web site onto a Compact disc to ensure that my professor can run it on his computer.

However, since Visual Studio produces the answer from the website during my Documents/Visual Studio 2010/Projects, I am unable to simply copy the web site folder only.

What's the easiest method to transfer a duplicate of the website please? Thanks and best wishes for that year.

Obviously you can copy the folder. It'll make the web site inside a folder within projects and you'll have the ability to copy this folder onto a Compact disc. Advertising media are the web site you can observe where it's saved, should you consider the address bar of the internet browser it'll say something similar to c:\Users\You\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\MyWebsite\index.html. Within this situation the folder you have to copy is c:\Users\You\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\MyWebsite\ - instruct your professor to spread out the folder and choose index.html.

Now you ask ,, perhaps you have used something apart from just HTML and CSS to get this done? Its most likely a stupid question just like you used ASP or much like produce the website you'd most likely also provide the understanding copying stated website. Within the off chance you have used ASP or similar you will have to put this site onto a server that runs ASP.

However, if you have used just Visual Studio to put the website and set in certain content and the like, then it's probably all of the files are images, HTML and CSS that will happily elope a Compact disc.

You need to search My Documents/Visual Studio 2010/WebSites/ And obviosly, u should find there the web site of the solution. It is required to copy the web site folder and solution folder of the site from VS2010/Projects and /Websites folders for your professors' computer.

By doing this is appropriate in case your professor has Versus 2010 installed.

In case your professor needs simply to run it on his atmosphere, you should use "Publish" feature of Visual Studio 2010 and select the file system because the target.

Then burn the released folder.

Then he will have the ability to copy it in the Compact disc to his Microsoft.Internet enabled application server and run it.

Upload it to some cheap reely host company and send the Hyperlink to your professor. If required, you are able to password-safeguard the website to avoid access by unauthorized organizations.