I've created a simple django application using sqlite3. In the beginning, I needed to make it simple using sqlite3 but, situations are starting to scale up (Yes, I really began by using their application with sqlite3! Shame on me...) so I wish to migrate my data to postgresql database.

Does django or any other third-party provide such feature, or must i suffer for my very own stupidity...

First, execute

manage.py dumpdata > out.json

then improve your DB config, syncdb and lastly

echo "delete from django_contenttype;" | manage.py dbshell

manage.py loaddata out.json

I'm attempting to perform the exact same factor at this time, however i am encountering an issue with solving dependencies essentially just like ticket 16317. But enough about me...

Troubleshooting this brought me to locate a link for django-smuggler which enables you to definitely create dumps and load data in the admin interface.

It appears promising for just about any bandwith needed or for a backup utility.