I want a guidance ...

I am using joomla 1.7.2.

I whant to organize a website, the website ought to be very hierarchical.

Really it'll contain groups and sub groups and sub groups and ... And lastly all relevant articles that'll be underneath the sub-sub ... Category which was selected.

My ambition from Joomla is to produce a primary groups menu that appears something of that nature (let alone the graphics right now):

menu example here

Clicking a category will result in the same look a like menu together with his sub-groups.

I suppose you can create an articale for every category which will have a menu which will display the appropriate sub-groups. however it appears incorrect.

Can there be more right way to construct the hierarchical stroctur from the site menus?

Sorry concerning the lengthy text.

I'd appreciate any response.


Appears like you will build your customers click lots of links to get at this content. How deep are you planning to visit? You might like to try looking in to one of the numerous mega menus to really make it just a little simpler to get at what they're searching for.

Regardless, the fundamental functionality you're searching for is built-in towards the core Joomla menu. First, you should produce a single menu using the structure you referred to. Link parents menus towards the Joomla category. The excitement is the parameters from the menu module. You'll need one menu module for every degree of groups you've inside your hierarchy. Each module will have to be designated to each food selection around the corresponding level and also the start and finish level parameters will have to be set to 1 level underneath the current level ( being the main or top level). Additionally, you will wish to have sub menu display switched off.

whenever you click with the links recption menus is only going to display the kid menus from the current food selection you are well on.